Synergy Romania | About Synergy Romania
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About Synergy Romania

How and why we work
Who we are
What Synergy does for already 10 years

We are an association active since 2006, working for the personal development of humans. We are focused on non-formal education, through international mobilities using the Synergy methodology of “learning to play, playing to learn”. We inspire and empower youth to be creative and to take actions in their lifes.

How and why we work
Empowering youth

We give a lot of space for our volunteers and project managers to initiate, create new projects, learn and discover how to deliver the maximum quality in our learning events.

Leadership through actions

Many of our members are successful entrepreneurs, this being one of the values and qualities Synergy can deliver – how to manage a project, a business or your life.

How and why we work
Quality and innovation

We strive to do things with the most modern approaches, innovating and updating our methodologies every year, according to the learning needs of our participants.