• Advertising the Change! Advertising the Change!

    The intercultural training course named Advertising the Change!, organized by ReCreativity Social Enterprise & financed by the Erasmus+ Programme  will take place from 19th to 29th March in Terény, Hungary in March 2015. The aim [...]

  • Project “The traditional crafts – through centuries to centuries” 20-28 April 2013,Bulgaria Project “The traditional crafts – through centuries to centuries” 20-28 April 2013,Bulgaria

    Project “The traditional crafts – through centuries to centuries”   When & Where?: 20th  to 28th of April 2013, Cherni Osam,Bulgaria What about? The participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the traditional Bulgarian [...]

  • Impressions on: Digital Puzzle

    Marius: “I have learned to use the manual setting on the photo camera, some techniques using the videocamera like: proper handling, sound, shots and many more. Also I have enjoyed the training, it was a good learning method that I will probably use in the future.”

  • Impressions on: Practicing Coaching

    Teodora: “What I’ve learnt is interpreting the meaning and purpose of the facial expressions, gestures and words of another person, calculating one’s reaction to get the best result, crisis-avertion, making the ’client’ aware of his problem and solving it.”

  • Impressions on: Guide Your Life

    Alexandra: “I developed many skills, the most important one being the ability to control my emotions. I also learned to work better in a team, to assign tasks and not to do everything on my own. Two other essential ideas that I assimilated were that one must make no assumptions and that we always have a choice.”

  • Impressions on: Digital Puzzle

    Ioana: “Workshops on story writing were very useful as I learned the importance of actually creating a story in order to tell it through my media material. I learned how to edit a movie by myself with a basic editing program, learned and practiced the basic setting in photography and I have enhanced my creativity.”

  • Impressions on: Practicing Coaching Impressions on: Practicing Coaching

    Olga: “This training was a step forward in my personal development. I was given all the basic skills I needed in order to develop my own coaching style. I learned how to work out of my own qualities and how to improve and implement my already existing knowledge.”

  • Impressions on: Digital Puzzle Impressions on: Digital Puzzle

    Marinela: “When I went there, for me the photography was more something I like to do but I didn’t have so much technical knowledge. Well, during that week not only that I’ve learnt from the professionals, but I’ve developed so much my view on know-how that in the end of the training I was able to make myself a movie, to edit a movie with very professional programs.”

  • Impressions on: Guide Your Life Impressions on: Guide Your Life

    Alexandra: “The outdoor activity was, for me, the most challenging, because in two days I experienced many emotions and I had to control them. Also, there have been a series of activities that were meant to get us out of our comfort zone; I learned that my comfort zone is actually pretty flexible.”

  • Impressions on: Practicing Coaching Impressions on: Practicing Coaching

    Alex: “The main thing I’ve learnt is how to manage different person’s needs and problems. I now consider myself capable of not only offering my advice on a person’s problem but help them find their own personal solution. I believe that this does not only offer a greater advantage, quality of solution wise to that person, but it also provides a more permanent solution.”

  • Impressions on: Practicing Coaching Impressions on: Practicing Coaching

    “I think what worked best for me was to get an idea of how other people approached strangers and initialized communication. I also liked to be aware of different techniques of getting close to people, while not applying them word-by-word, but adapting them to my personal needs and values.”


Mediagraphy+ Erasmus+ »

Mediagraphy+ Erasmus+

The project “Mediagraphy+” has it basis on the on-going raise and importance of self branding and digital skills in the modern society, while the youth unemployment is at rising stakes. The project efficiently combines the [...]

AC Common Senses Youth Exchange »

AC Common Senses Youth Exchange

Synergy Romania is looking for 5 participants for ACT Common Senses Youth Exchange, taking place in Ommen, the Netherlands, between 1st -11th of May 2015. The aim of the project is to develop verbal and [...]

Global ImpACT »

Global ImpACT

Synergy Romania is looking for 5 romanian participants in the project Global ImpACT, that is taking place from the 3rd to the 12th of May in Rijeka, Croatia. This project is promoting sustainable development, which [...]



For 9 days, from June 21st until 29th June 2014, in Iasi, Romania, it took place the Grundtvig workshop ECO SIGN LANGUAGE LINK– Developing literacy eco actions and promoting IT and Blog instruments for increasing [...]

Advanced Synergy Personal Development Training PURE »

Advanced Synergy Personal Development Training PURE

Dear friends, We hereby invite you to the Advanced Synergy Personal Development Training PURE which will take place in Brasov, Romania, from 7th to 12th of December 2014! The training, which is using the method [...]

Volunteering is Golden »

Volunteering is Golden

“Volunteering is Golden” is a long term EVS project held in Iași, Romania. During 12 months, from June 2013 to May 2014, two young people from United Kingdom and Czech Republic, coming from a background with less [...]

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